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Wilson, Allen Green

Wilson, Elizabeth M. Askins

Elizabeth (Askins) Wilson and Allen Green Wilson were my great, great grandparents, the parents of John W. Wilson [my great grandfather].

The following research was sent to me by Phyllis Carpenter.

In searching the Askins family history, several closely related transactions were found. The William Askins, who died about 1827, leased 135 acres in Culpeper County from Presley Thornton in 1790 for a term of 85 years. I believe this was a sale in the guise of a lease. From all indications Presley Thornton was Williams father-in-law and the grandfather of Presley Askins.

Mary and Presley were married about March 27, 1822 in Fauquier County, VA. William Finch was their bondsman. I suspect that that Mary was the daughter of William Finch (Jr.) and the sister of my great, great grandfather, Robert Finch. Robert was born in 1804 in Fauquier County, VA. I estimate that Mary was born in 1802.

Mary and Presley moved to Smith County, TN and bought land there in 1828. Enoch Finch was a witness to the deed. I believe that Enoch was Marys uncle. He didnt stay long in Tennessee and moved on to MO, and in June 1832 led the First Baptist worship in Lafayette County, Mo.

Presley sold his land in Smith County in November 1840 and April 1841. Mary did not sign the deeds. Presley must have been fairly well off financially, since he owned several slaves in 1840. From the census, it also appears that they had at least three sons and three daughters.

Marjorie Finch Wilson emailed me on April 12, 1999. In her research she found that William Finch, Sr. (believed to be the father of William Finch Jr. and grandfather of Mary Finch Askins) was born about 1747 and probably died sometime after he gifted his personal property to his daughter, Margaret in 1827. She sold the same land to Robert Finch in 1829. He supported the Revolution, which is proven by VA Publick Claims, page 33. March, 1782 claimed 4 bushels of rye for the cause.

The Askins and Finches

By Phyllis Carpenter

My great, great grandparents were Allen Green Wilson and Elizabeth M. Askins. According to to their tombstones in the old Bonham Cemetery in Laclede County, MO, Allen Green Wilson was born on February 14, 1819 and died December 14, 1864 and Elizabeth Askins was born December 29, 1822 and died September 28, 1895. Census records show that Allen was born TN and Elizabeth was born in VA.

Family records show that Elizabeth Askins was the daughter of Presley Askins and Mary Finch. Information was obtained from from the Wilson family Bible in the possession of Mrs. Virginia (Ayles) Hofineister of Rt. 2, Box 371 A, Harrah, OK in March 1984. Virginia is the daughter of Winnie (Wilson) Ayles, and Paris Pat Ayles, and granddaughter of John William Wilson, son of Allen Green Wilson and Elizabeth Wilson. Census records for Laclede County, MO for 1850 and 1860 show the Askins and Wilsons living next door to each other. Census records show for Mary Askins show that she was born in VA. Presley received a land grant in 1848 in Wright County, which was the parent county of Laclede. Presley does not show up in the 1850 census for Laclede County, so he must have died prior to 1850.

In response to a Query that I wrote to Judy Brown, who is the conserver of The Finch Families in Dixie, she wrote March 31, 1998 the following:

I am glad to get a Finch inquiry that I actually know something about and fairly closely related too.

I believe that Presley Askins was the son of William Askins who lived and died in Culpeper County, VA. I have not seen Williams will, but it is in Will Book L, page 198 and was dated/probated about 1827. William also had sons names John, William, Addison and possibly Thomas B. There may have been more children; these are just the ones I ran across. I am not actually se. This would make his descendants eligible for the DAR.

It is possible that the mother of Presley Askins was Catherine Jones. Larry Noah emailed me in 1999 with the following information:

Now about Askins

William Askins, Sr. born October 11, 1747 in Richmond, VA and died December 3, 1789 in Richmond, VA wife Mary Gregg who was born May 4, 17--. Their children were:

William, Jr. born August 18, 1779 died January 10, 1863.




Wm., Jr. married twice

Marriage records for Culpeper County, VA Wm. Askins and Catherine Jones January 31, 1793.

Second wife: Zilphia Lynch who was born September 16, 1810 and died Feb.7, 1878.

Children of the marriage:

Eliza Jane born December 10, 1829 married Irving Lewis Keefe on March 10, 1852 died June 8, 1865.

Mary Elizabeth born June 1, 1847.

In that the William Askins in Culpeper had a will probated in 1827/1828, he could not have had daughters born in 1829 and certainly not in 1847.

Another Askins researcher is Anita Kendall who descends from Franklin Askins. In her research she found a Franklin Askins who married an Elizabeth Watters in 1829 in Culpeper County, VA. It appears that Franklin and Elizabeth left VA about 1833 for TN. They may have gone to Overton County, MO and spent several years there before going to MO in 1847-48. They show up in Crawford County, MO in 1850 census.

I tried to get a copy of William Askins will, but found that Will Book L is part of the missing records for Culpeper County.

Steven L. Denny, of Cooksville, TN., e-mailed me on September 16, 1998 in which he said that Presley Askins lived on Dennys Branch just north of New Middleton in Smith County, TN. He was a neighbor of Wiley Denny, who the branch was named for. Smith County Deed Book M, page 381 lists Presley Askins of Smith County to John Manning of Wilson County, 140 acres on waters of Elk Creek (now Dennys Branch) of Mulherrin for 420 acres. It mentions Wiley Dennys Corner down fork and a boulder in John Roes line. Witnesses to the deed transaction were: John Holland and Wiley Denny. Registered on October 8, 1835. Steven Denny also thinks that there was a court case in Smith County involving land that both Wiley Denny and Presley Askins owned.

Presley Askins was issued a Missouri Land Patent on April 3, 1848 #8084 in Township 33-N. On the document, his county is listed a Wright County as Laclede County did not become a county until 1850. It appears that Presley must have died between 1848 and 1850. Mary A. Askins, his widow, was issued Land Patent on July 1, 1852 #11123 in Township 33-N. Perhaps this was the same property issued to Presley.

Gary Murrell of Edmond OK., who is a descendant of Presley Askins, has been very helpful in researching cemetery records and census records in Laclede County, Mo. His great grandmother was Mary Amelia Askins, daughter of Presley and Mary Finch Askins, who married William Thomas Murrell in 1865 in Laclede County.

He found the following information:

1850 Laclede census:


Askins, Mary 49, F, VA

Eliza Jane 24, F, VA

Mary A. 16, F, TN

William B. 21, M, TN

Philip 13, M, TN

Living next door in #143

Wilson, Allen G. 32, M, TN

Elizabeth 27, F, VA

John W. 8, M, TN

Thomas A. 7, M, TN

Mary J. 2, F, MO

1860 Laclede Census


Askins, Mary 59, F, VA

Philip 22, M, TN

Mary B. (sic) 25, F, Tn

Allen Green Wilson and wife, Elizabeth M. Askins Wilson are buried in the old Bohannon Cemetery in Franklin Township, Laclede County, MO. Their tombstones show that Elizabeth M. Askins Wilson was born December 29, 1822 and died September 29, 1895. Allen Green Wilson was born February 14, 1819 and died December 14, 1864.

Below are some of Presley Askins' 1837 tax records: Click on this link:

Thanks to Frank Brown for sending this from a page in the Goodspeed History of Laclede County, MO. Note: Allen G. Wilson (my G G grandfather). I am certain that the "Parsley Atkins" is my G G G grandfather, Presley Askins. Also the John Wilson listed is a brother to Allen Green Wilson. I am curious as to whether Isaac H. Robinson is related to my G G G grandmother, Celina A. Robinson Wilson - mother of Allen Green Wilson.

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