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Sankey T. Johnson


Sankey T. Johnson was the brother of Eddie Pederson Johnson, my grandfather.

Sankey T. Johnson Family Papers

Finding Aid

Box 1

1) Walker, William. The Christian Harmony: Hymn and Psalm Tunes, Odes and Anthems. Philadelphia: Miller's Bible and Publishing House, 1873.

2) The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: together with the Apocrypha: translated out of the original tongues, and with former translation diligently compared and revised. With Canne's Marginal Notes and References. To which are added an index; an alphabetical table of all the names on the Old and New Testaments, with their significations; tables of Scripture weights, measures, and coins, &c.. Auburn and Rochester: Alden and Beardsley, no year given.

3) poster - Sankey T. Johnson Family Papers: A Georgia Family at War, 1861-1865

4) 4 silver spoons

Box 2

1) unidentified ambrotype of young man

2) unidentified ambrotype of older man

3) unidentified ambrotype of soldier

4) photograph album containing identified photographs of the Pearson family

Box 3

Note: These folders contain the correspondence of the Johnson family during the Civil War, particularly the correspondence between Asbury Sankey Lee Johnson, a Confederate soldier, and his wife Sarah. The contents of the folders will be listed only when they are not Civil War letters.

Sarah to Asbury 1861

Sarah to Asbury 1862

Asbury to Sarah 1861

Asbury to Sarah 1862 (1)

Asbury to Sarah 1862 (2)

Asbury to Sarah 1862 (3)

Asbury to Sarah - Undated

Miscellaneous Letters

Miscellaneous Originals (1)

Miscellaneous Originals (2)

Miscellaneous Originals (3)

Family Information
- genealogical information re: Sankey T. Johnson family
- receipts and other documents (originals and photocopies) re: the Johnson family

Below are some of the letters





This sword belonged to Asbury Sankey Lee Johnson when he served as a sergeant in Company C, 34th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, during the U. S. Civil War. Johnson enlisted in the Confederate Army on January 14, 1862; he died of typhoid fever on December 30, 1862, at a military hospital in Dalton. He was 27 years old. The Johnson family papers also contain the Civil War correspondence between Asbury and his wife Sarah, who was staying on a cotton farm in Corinth, Georgia, with theirr three young sons.



This is a double stone with his second wife Vesta Ann Miller daughter of Wright Smith Miller. This is also Eddie P Johnsons brother.



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The Sankey T Johnson is T H J Johnson's father Sankey T Johnson not his sons

T H J. Johnson’s grave is in Kyle cemetery in Saltillo, MS. The cemetery is about 100 yards in the woods at the west end of Kyle street. The cemetery is not maintained.