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David and Lucinda George

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Lucinda "Cyndia" (McGuire) George & David Simeon Richard George Sr., my 2nd great grandparents.

David and Lucinda George came from Tennessee to Charleston Texas. They had eight children. The first six were born in Tennessee, and the last two in Charleston TX. They are as follows (but I'm not sure if they are in the right order):
1. Sarah Ann George [my great grandmother]. She married John William Wilson.
2. Thomas R. George, married (1st) Amanda Lynch, (2nd) Eliza A. Shepherd.
3. Mary Catherine George, married Matt Schultz.
4.  Sue George, married Ben Chapman.
5. Cas Andrew Jackson George, married Eliza Ann Shepherd.
6. Henry J. George, married Lydia Ann.
7. David Simeon Richard George Jr., married Lydia Presley (Shepherd).
8. Robert E. Lee George, married Sally E. Winfrey.  


  David Simeon Richard George Sr., 1/1/1814 - 3/16/1901, my great- great grandfather holding Dewey George and Andrew "Sandy" George, two of his grandchildren.


This is the home of David Simeon Richard George Jr. [brother of Sarah Ann (George) Wilson, my great grandmother], and Lydia Presley (Shepherd) George.


This is an enlarged picture of the people on the porch above. Left to right: David Simeon Richard George Sr. {with dog}, Lucinda (McGuire) George, Nancy Jane (McCurry) Shepherd [the mother of Lydia Presley (Shepherd) George]. The baby she is holding is Nettie George (Wichersham), born Jan 21, 1893. The little boy standing is Sim Richard George, later called "Uncle Rich".  Lydia Presley (Shepherd) George, born February 4, 1869, holding Neal Bishop George, born December 11, 1894,  and David Simeon Richard George Jr., born November 30, 1859. The two children on the balcony (above) are Grover Cleveland George, born June 23, 1885, and Gertha (Oats) George, born July 9, 1887. There were five other children born later: Andrew Curtis George, born October 29, 1897, Virda George, born March 3, 1900, Cas George, born August 2, 1901, Opal George, born March 13, 1904 and Nolan George, born November 9, 1906. The picture was taken about 1895.


The picture above was taken in front of the wooden one-room courthouse at Charleston, Texas in Delta County about 1910. Back then lawbreakers in the eastern sector of the county were brought here for trial. A Justice of the Peace usually heard the cases.
Left to right: Grover George, Roy Hendricks, Bennett Stell, John Avance, Albert Bates, John Whickersham, Dave French, George Skidmore, Johnny Pickens and Uncle Jeff Sutherland. On horseback are Shirt George and White George. You can see Will Worden's blacksmith shop in the background.


 David Simeon Richard George Sr., my great great grandfather.

David Simeon  Richard George Sr., and Lucinda (McGuire) George [my great great grandparents], were the parents of Sarah Ann (George) Wilson [my great grandmother], and grandfather of Sarah Catherine (Wilson) Johnson [my grandmother], and great grandfather of Wesley Thomas "Wes Tom"Johnson [my father].

David Siemon George served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Records show him listed as Private David Simeon George, Confiderate States of America, 1 Company 2nd Regiment Calvery Texas.
A marker was placed at his grave to honor him on May 7th., 2005. The marker was an iron cross, pictured below. His grave is at the Charleston Cemetery, in Charlston, Texas in Delta County.  




 The iron cross grave marker was patterned after the design on the Southern Cross of Honor Medals. On the front are the dates: 1861 and 1865 which represents the beginning and ending of the Civil War. Also on the front reads, DEO VINDICI which is Latin for, "Vindicated by God." On the back are the letters CSA meaning the Confederate States of America.   

The marker and dedication were sponsored by Mrs. Shirley Smith of Lake Creek, Texas and Mrs. Roberta Burchett DuPont of New Orleans, Lousiana. Below are a few pictures taken at the dedication.


Shirley Smith (speaking)


Sarah Packwood &
Mary Ann Johnson


People talking




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